Why Local?

Because delicious food starts with incredible ingredients.

By supporting local growers, the food is guaranteed to be as fresh as possible. When you purchase food from the conventional grocery store it has already spent an ample amount of time in transportation and was most likely picked before it ripened to maintain integrity throughout transportation. Plus, shipping food cross-country takes gas power. Buying food from your neighborhood Farmers Market means your food was grown nearby and hasn’t created excess pollution while getting to you. Many small farmers have returned to practicing organic farming methods that help keep the land healthy. Industrialization of agriculture after WWII meant a sharp increase in heavy chemical fertilizers that stripped the land of nutrients that cover crops, compost, and crop rotations help reestablish and maintain. 

In addition, supporting local means eating seasonally. Grocery stores removed us from the natural cycle of eating with the seasons. Seasonal foods fall in line with our bodies nutritional and environmental needs; providing different foods to keep us warm throughout Winter, cool throughout Summer, and helping us detoxify in Spring. Better Off Fed is committed to helping our clients reconnect to the rhythm of nature.

Lastly, when you spend money locally, it stays there. Your money goes back into the grassroots of your community to help make it better.

You get to invest in your home while investing in your health and we think that’s an incredibly beautiful thing. 


In essence, we support local to support ourselves, our communities, and our planet.